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Using Read Aloud to Increase Oral Language, Vocabulary, and Writing About Reading

Cute little children reading books while

June 24-25, 2024

Grades 2-6

Price:  $385 


Ellison Elementary 

7132 Oak Drive

San Antonio, TX


Read Aloud with Accountable Talk is the heart of reading work.

During this TWO DAY workshop, we will look deeply at boosting oral fluency, articulation, listening skills, student comprehension as well as starting the writing about reading process early in the year.  When children are orally fluent and can have thoughtful conversations about books with others, the transition to writing those ideas down becomes less daunting for both students and teachers.   “Talking fluency is connected to writing fluency!”   Topics covered will include:

  • choosing quality literature that is age appropriate for the grade.

  • planning clear moments of modeling for children, turn and talk, partnerships and grand conversations.

  • writing structures that will develop from stop and jot to write long.

  • reader’s notebooks: getting them started and ideas for growing them across the year.

Teachers will leave with their own readers notebook to use as a model for their students as well as planning created for read aloud.



This workshop qualifies for Title 1 funding.​

Make checks payable to Koesel Consulting.

Cancellation Policy:  Substitutions are allowed at any time; however, refunds are not given.


All workshops begin at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 3:30 p.m.  

Plan to arrive between 8:10 and 8:20 to sign in, pick up materials and find seating.  If you are expecting a large group from your school it is a good idea to come early if sitting together is important to you.  Dress comfortably and you may want to add layers...buildings can be really cold.

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