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Read Aloud with Accountable Talk

June 16-17, 2021

Grades 2-8

$305 per person (includes late registration fee)

Virtual Workshop


Read Aloud with Accountable Talk is the heart of the Reading Workshop.  

It is in this time each day that we plan to capture the hearts of the readers in our classroom.  It is here that we become the models of not only what it is to read a great book, but also what it is to think and talk across a great book in critical ways.  

During this TWO DAY workshop, we will take a concentrated look at using accountable talk in your classroom to boost student comprehension and strengthen independent reading skills. We will:

  • help you know the keys to choosing great books.

  • model and help you explicitly plan a read aloud.

  • provide you with critical talk stems to support growing conversations in your readers.

  • look at how to grow talk into "stop and jots" as well as beginning "write longs" in the reader's notebook.

New angles of this work include deeper work in Readers' Notebooks, using documentaries, and using media pieces to strengthen student understanding. We will also look more closely at growing work in Readers' Notebooks across the year to strengthen depth of comprehension as well as student writing. Included in this work will be ways to embed clear moments for readers to "stop and jot" that will transfer to the same kind of work they would do in their independent reading.

Summer 2021:  All workshops will be virtual.  

Attendees will receive:

  • log-in procedures prior to first day of workshop.  

  • Zoom meetings scheduled 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. with scheduled breaks.  

  • access to materials (if registering after June 8, late registration fee includes mailing materials to you).



This workshop qualifies for Title 1 funding.​

Make checks payable to Koesel Consulting.

Cancellation Policy:  Substitutions are allowed at any time; however, refunds are not given.

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