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Revitalizing Reading Workshop

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June 21-22, 2021

Grades K-8

$305 per person

Virtual Workshop


This TWO DAY workshop is a concentrated look at raising the rigor of

your Reading Workshop.  This is designed for teachers that have already

had basic training in Reading Workshop and understand the structures.  

We will be teaching ways to strengthen and breathe new life across each component of the Reading Workshop. Engagement is the key for teaching to stick. 


This workshop will look at ways to:

  • strengthen student engagement during workshop mini-lesson:

    • defining and understanding how to put "legs" on a strategy 

    • developing strong anchor charts that support the strategy beyond the lesson

  • strengthen student engagement during independent reading using:

    • BOOK BAGS: tackling the management and consistency of just right book in their hands

    • READING LOGS: looking at reading logs as a tool for goal setting

    • the MID WORKSHOP TEACH: understanding that there is a second teaching opportunity

    • PARTNERSHIPS: how to match and support partnerships in conferences as well as opportunities to teach again in the SHARE

    • Those darn POST IT NOTES:  How can I help kids know WHAT to jot and WHEN to jot it? We will dig into this in particular with readers reading at levels J and above

    • Using READ ALOUD to assess comprehension (to help the big question of "How can I take a grade?")


It is our hope to give you a renewed vigor for Reading Workshop and to strengthen your understanding of ways to use the workshop approach to its maximum potential in order to raise student engagement. We are looking forward to sharing new refreshing ideas and revisiting a few important structures to help you tighten up the workshop component  in your classroom. 


Summer 2021:  All workshops will be virtual.  

Attendees will receive:

  • log-in procedures prior to day of workshop.  

  • Zoom meetings scheduled 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. with scheduled breaks.  

  • access to materials (if registering after June 8, late registration fee includes mailing materials to you).



This workshop qualifies for Title 1 funding.​

Make checks payable to Koesel Consulting.

Cancellation Policy:  Substitutions are allowed at any time; however, refunds are not given.

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